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Member Benefits

Annual CSI Research Review

Invitations to a yearly institute-wide research review. This invitation includes three complimentary registrations for the meeting. Materials from the CSI review will be posted to the affiliates-only section.

Workshop Invitations

Invitations to workshops sponsored by the Communication Sciences Institute. Scheduled as the need arises, these workshops are by invitation only.

Invitation to the Annual Viterbi Lecture

Each Fall, a distuished researcher in the field of communications is invited to deliver the Viterbi lecture, organized by the USC School of Engineering.

Seminar Exchange Program

The purpose of this program is to nurture information exchange on topics of mutual interest. Specifically, CSI faculty will give seminars at the affiliate's research center and the affiliate's research staff will reciprocate with seminars at USC. The number of such exchanges will be decided by mutual agreement.

Visiting Colleague Privileges

CSI will provide class auditing privileges for senior research personnel from the Affiliate's company who wish to take a company-sponsored sabbatical at CSI. This service will be guaranteed at a rate of one person-semester per year. Any greater use of this privilege is by mutual agreement and requires the approval of the EE-Systems Department chairman at USC.

Telephone Contact

The faculty of the Communication Sciences Institute will respond to brief calls requesting information about well-known research results. Further in-depth discussions should be handled via consulting agreements with the individual faculty or by arranging research funding with CSI, if both parties so desire.

Access to Affiliate-Only Section of CSI Webpage

Many of the resources for affiliates will be made available through this website. Each affiliate institution will receive a username and password for this section. Materials available in this section include:

  • CSI Technical Reports: Access to all CSI technical reports. These reports are the vehicle by which important research results are first announced and are issued prior to journal publication.
  • Seminar Videos and Slides: Access to video of CSI seminars along with the related slides and technical documents.
  • IP Disclosure Announcements: Technology disclosures, patent applications, and patents granted associated with CSI research will be announced via the webpage.
  • CSI Ph.D. Dissertations: Soft-copies of all Ph.D. dissertations will be posted annually.
  • Early Access to New Ph.D. Graduates: Announcement of the pending graduation of each doctoral student working at the institute. This will include a resume and a description of the candidate's research.
  • Technical Documents: Beyond the CSI reports and dissertations, the affiliates-only section contains various technical documents including: technical white papers from affiliate companies, teaching handouts and tutorials, paper pre-prints, and software routines.