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New Ph.D. Graduates

CSI Ph.D. Dissertations


Ahmad Bekir, Dec. 2004, S.W. Golomb: On the Nonexistence of Additional Counterexamples to Sophie Piccard's Theorem.

Yaxin Cao, Dec. 2002, V. Li: Adaptive Packet Scheduling and Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks.

SangHyun Chang, May 2007, R.A. Scholtz: UWB Polarization Measurements in Multipath Channels.

Yi-Ling Chao, May 2005, R.A. Scholtz: Ultra-wideband Radios with Transmitted Reference Methods.

Chee-Cheon Chui, Aug. 2005, R.A. Scholtz: Synchronous Impulse Networks.

Kyuhyuk Chung, Nov. 2003, K.M. Chugg: Iterative Data Detection: Bounding Performance and Complexity Reduction.

Carlos Corrada-Bravo, June 2002, R.A. Scholtz: Two Problems in Sequence Design.

Gregory Dubney, Aug. 2005, I.S. Reed: Decoding Error-Correction Codes Utilizing Bit-Error Probability Estimates.

Paniz Ebrahimi, Dec. 2004, A.E. Willner: Design and Implementation of Novel Optical Subsystems for Enhancing Spectral Efficiency, Security, and Performance of High-Speed WDM and OCDMA Links.

Stefan Franz, Aug. 2006, U. Mitra: Receiver Design and Capacity Analysis for Ultra-Wideband Systems.

Jifeng Geng, May 2004, U. Mitra: Space-Time Block Codes for Wireless Systems: Construction, Performance Analysis, and Trellis Coded Modulation.

Steven A. Havstad, Dec. 2000, A.E. Willner: Generation, Filtering, and Applications of Subcarriers in Optical Communication Systems.

Chia-Chang Hu, Dec. 2002, I.S. Reed: Space-Time Adaptive Acquisition and Demodulation in Mobile Cellular.

Reza Khosravani, Dec. 2000, A.E. Willner: Reduction of Signal Degrading Effects in Wavelength Division Multiplexed Systems and Networks.

Hari Krovi, Aug. 2007, T.A. Brun: Symmetry In Quantum Walks.

Joon-Yong Lee, May 2002, R.A. Scholtz: Ultra-Wideband Ranging in Dense Multipath Environments.

Pey-Feng Lee, May 2005, S.W. Golomb: Irreducible Polynomials Which Divide Trinomials Over GF(2).

Sanggeon Lee, Dec. 2000, A.E. Willner: Characterization and Compensation of Polarization Mode Dispersion and Chromatic Dispersion Slope Mismatch for High Bit-Rate Data Transmission.

Kriang Lerdsuwanakij, Dec. 2000, A. Polydoros: On Receivers for Multipath Fading and Random Phase Channels.

Jordan Melzer, Dec. 2006, K. Chugg: Low Complexity Turbo-Like Codes.

Fernando Ramirez-Mireles, 1998, R.A. Scholtz: Multiple-Access with Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radio Modulation Using Spread Spectrum Time Hopping and Block Waveform Pulse Position Modulated Signals.

Ali Taha, May 2003, K.M. Chugg: Performance Considerations of Wireless Multiple-Access Digital Impulse Radio Under Realistic Multipath Channels.

Phunsak Thiennviboon, Aug. 2002, K.M. Chugg: Graphical Models for Iterative Data Detection.

Yuankai Wang, Aug. 2004, K.M. Chugg: Random-like Space-Time Codes: Performance Analysis, Code Design and Iterative Detection.

Robert D. Wilson, Dec. 2005, R.A. Scholtz: Characterization and Identification of Ultrawideband Radio Propagation Channels.

Sau-Hsuan Wu, Dec. 2003, U. Mitra: Blind Multiuser Receivers for DS-CDMA in Frequency-Selective Fading Channels.

Lianshan Yan, Nov. 2004, A.E. Willner: Investigation of Degrading Effects and Performance Optimization in Long-Haul WDM Transmission Systems and Reconfigurable Networks.

Jun Yang, May 2005, Z. Zhang: Performance Analysis of Network Source Coding Algorithms.

Changyuan Yu, Aug. 2005, A.E. Willner: Dispersive and Nonlinear Effects in Highspeed Reconfigurable WDM Optical Fiber Communication.

Mingrui Zhu, Dec. 2005, K.M. Chugg: Synchronization in Low Duty Cycle UWB Systems Using Iterative Message Passing.