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At the heart of any successful organization are people who love what they do. CSI is certainly no exception. For faculty, CSI is an excellent place to pursue research, teaching and professional activities. As a result, our faculty members typically make CSI a permanent home for their careers.

Graduate students routinely interact with students working with the same faculty advisory, other CSI students, and students in EE in related research areas such as controls, signal processing, and computer engineering.

Friendships and working collaborations formed at CSI translate into a strong network of alumni. It is common for CSI graduates to meet up at academic conferences and industry working groups years after leaving CSI. As our recent graduates enter the working world, they often discover that they are working with senior management who trace their education back to CSI.

The staff at CSI are critical in facilitating this family atmosphere. Again, the stability of our staff demonstrates that CSI is a great place to be. In fact, newcomers to CSI are often surprised to learn that government program managers and executives from industry are on a first name basis with the CSI administrative staff.