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Adjunct & Research

CSI Emeritus Faculty:

Robert M. Gagliardi
Emeritus Professor; Ph.D., Yale, 1960.
Satellite communications and optical communications and communication systems.
EEB 530, (213) 740-4670,

Irving S. Reed
Emeritus Professor; Ph.D., Caltech, 1949.
Adaptive digital signal detection and processing, error-correction and security coding for digital communications for networks.
EEB 504B, (213) 740-7335,

Charles L. (Chuck) Weber
Emeritus Professor; Ph.D., UCLA, 1964.
Spread-spectrum systems, acquisition and tracking, radar systems, and blind equalization
EEB 536, (213) 740-7229,

Lloyd R. Welch
Emeritus Professor; Ph.D., Caltech, 1958.
Error-control coding, implementation of coding algorithms and digital sequence design and analysis.
EEB 504, (213) 740-7329,


Adjunct, Research CSI Faculty and Post Doctoral Researchers:

Faculty who regularly teach communications courses and/or conduct research at CSI

Paniz Ebrahimi
Post Doctoral Research Associate
EEB 533, (213) 740-4666,

Dan Goebel
Adjunct Professor; Ph.D., UCLA, 1981.
Wireless communications, plasma physics, microwave devices.
PHE 624, (213) 740-8787,

P. Vijay Kumar
Professor; Ph.D., USC, 1983.
Error-correcting codes, signal design for multiple-access communication.
EEB 534, (213) 740-4668,

Marvin S. Stone
Adjunct Associate Professor; Ph.D., USC.

Wenyi Zhang
Post Doctoral Research Associate
EEB 506, (213) 740-2326,