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Associated Faculty

Faculty Associated with CSI:

Faculty from other areas of EE who are frequent collaborators with CSI researchers

Peter A. Beerel
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Stanford University, 1994.
Design, synthesis, analysis, and formal verification of mixed asynchronous and synchronous architectures.
EEB 350, (213) 740-4481,

Hossein Hashemi
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Caltech, 2003.
High-speed and RF integrated circuits.
PHE 616, (213) 740-3596

C.-C. (Jay) Kuo
Professor; Ph.D., MIT, 1987.
Multimedia data compression and database management.
EEB 440, (213) 740-4658,

Bhaskar Krishnamachari
Assistant Professor; PhD, Cornell University, 2002. Analysis and design of wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks.
EEB 342, 213-821-2528,

Antonio Ortega
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Columbia, 1994.
Digital image, video compression, and communications.
EEB 436, (213) 740-2320,
ortega AT sipi.usc.edu

Aluizio Prata Jr.
Associate Professor; Ph.D., USC, 1990.
Applied electromagnetics; applications of electromagnetic theory to microwave, millimeter-wave, infrared, and optical passive devices and antennas.
PHE 618, (213) 740-4704,

John Silvester
Professor and Vice Provost for Scholarly Technology; Ph.D., UCLA, 1980.
Design and analysis of communication networks.
EEB 240, (213) 740-4579,