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Intel CCL

CSI Computing Facilities

There are three types of computing resources for students at USC.

  • The Intel CCL, a PC lab open to all CSI Ph.D. students

  • Individual PC/Macs in some student offices as provided by the faculty advisor

  • The USC student computing facility (scf) and research computing facility (rcf) clusters. All USC students have access to the scf cluster and CSI Ph.D. students can obtain an rcf account with a simple application.

Intel CCL

The CSI computer laboratory, located in EEB 515, was modernized in 2001 through a generous gift from Intel and software donations from Microsoft. This lab currently houses

  • 21 Pentium 4 PCs (1.8 GHz), 18 running Windows 2000 and 3 running Linux
    • MS Office, MatLab (with Communications and Signal Processing Toolboxs), WinEdt, MS Visual C/C++, SciLab, Symplicity, Xilinx ISE foundation tools

  • Two HP 4000N laser printers and one HP color laser printer